Some would label us a small rural church, in actuality, we are the largest sacramental, liturgical church in the area. The religious backgrounds & histories of our parishioners is as diverse as the places that surround our homes. For most of our members, St. Germain was the first time inside an Episcopal Church. Our responses to our parish survey resulted in the usage of such words as diverse, eclectic, and ecumenical to describe us. We endeavor to make everyone who comes to St. Germain feel comfortable and welcome in that diversity. We are always striving to be more accessible to the Hoodsport community at large. Truly ecumenical.
With age comes wisdom, and a stubborn need for independence.    St. Germain is blessed to have a lot of independent wisdom. However, we are still young at heart. We are always open to new ideas and anxious to try things in a different way. We are eager to grow in our spiritual walk and dwell deeper into the heart of God.


What to expect when you come to an Episcopal Church