Our Gardens

Our church yard is beginning to come out of its winter doldrums and show some life.  We have had a slight change in plans to the church yard and memorial garden from the previous couple of newsletters.  We will not be replanting the lawn this spring.  The decision was made to tear up the lawn which is now predominantly moss and put in a meditation garden with some native growth plantings, meandering path, a   gazebo, and some benches for anybody in the community to come sit a spell to pray or meditate and enjoy the serenity of our gardens. Work for this will probably begin sometime in July or August.  We have also applied for and should be receiving a certificate and garden plaque any day now certifying St Germain’s garden as a “Certified Wildlife Habitat” assuring us that we are being good stewards of our land.

Spring – when wildlife brings forth its young, trees bring a sense of peace and sunlight warms hope for new growth stirs. Get out into the wild today and enjoy!

Monarch Butterfly on Showy Milkweed (Asclepias Speciosa)
The Monarch Butterfly may be one of the most recognizable butterflies around.  Since the 1990’s the Monarch has seen a decline in its population by upwards of 90%.  Threatened by habitat loss, increased use of pesticides and climate change impacts. For monarchs, the decline is inextricably linked to a decline in the milkweed plant, the only plant that the monarch uses for breeding.
In our effort to conserve this beautiful butterfly and bring it back to St. Germain’s garden we will be looking for and planting – Showy Milkweed (Asclepias Speciosa) the native milkweed for Washington State.
In Spring of 2022 everyone in Hoodsport will be able to declare, “Yes, I’ve seen that butterfly in the gardens of St. Germain.”