We are a Welcoming Congregation!

We gather every Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. for a worship service that includes Holy Communion. We are a come-as-you-are congregation, dress comfortably. You will be welcomed with open hearts as our hands reach out to make you feel at home and comfortable. We are a church that recognizes and welcomes the beautiful tapestry of humankind. We recognize that there are differences among us, but we believe that we can love alike even though we may not think alike. We invite all people to join us in our faith journey toward greater love, understanding and mutual respect.

The whole service is printed in a bulletin that a greeter will give you when you arrive, and then there are plenty of back pews in which to remain anonymous if you like. Or someone can sit with you to explain the service, it’s up to you. At most, someone will shake your hand and welcome you at the peace. Beyond that, you can participate as much or as little as you are comfortable! We hope you will be warmly welcomed and experience a meaningful worship.

We are a liturgical church. Typical practices of a liturgical church include vested clergy, the recitation of prayers and congregational responses, the observance of a yearly liturgical calendar, and the administration of sacraments.


Our physical address is 600 Lake Cushman Rd.
Our mailing address is PO Box 222
Hoodsport, WA 98548-0222.
Email us at: stgermainoffice600@gmail.com

Phone: 360-877-9879